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Classroom of the Future

The Classroom of the future allows a classroom administrator/teacher to manage her entire class from one central location. She can administer curriculum, tests and assignments from one central location.

Proof-of-Value Bundles are a sure path to get any new Google Chromebook Project off to a successful start. The bundle provides 12 Chromebooks with a 1yr Warranty, storage/charging cart, wireless access point with power injector, White Glove device enrollment, Chromebook Management Console, Management Console set up and consultation, and 2-Day Onsite Teacher to Teacher Training. This will get the technology in the hands of teachers, train them to tie the technology to their curriculums, thus preparing them for a successful 1-to-1 Pilot.

Provided is two days (minimum) of on-site training for teachers, by teachers, in using Chromebooks to deliver day-to-day curriculum. This is essential in a successful deployment of technology driven curriculum. Statistics show that when teachers are not trained to use any technology, expected to replace day to day worksheets and textbooks, success rates are minimal and technology investments are largely wasted.

School Boards support training expenditures because when teachers develop confidence with the new teaching tools, success is measured by a rise in Common Core Testing scores, affecting funding for the school. Funding for this teacher training often exists outside of IT budgets.

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